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51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major Style Inspo

STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Caitlin Cawley
Caitlin Cawley

Pinterest: Caitlin Cawley

Why You Should Follow: Whether you're looking for some clothing inspiration or a daily dose of accessories, you'll definitely find it on the Pinterest page of Boston-based blogger Caitlin Cawley of Color Me Caitie.

Photo: Caitlin Cawley/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Bekka Palmer
Bekka Palmer

Pinterest: Bekka Palmer

Why You Should Follow: This Brooklyn-based photographer has one of the most artsy Pinterest accounts out there. From summer inspiration to DIY projects, this account is a must-follow.

Photo: Bekka Palmer/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Carrie Hampton
Carrie Hampton

Pinterest: Carrie Hampton

Why You Should Follow: Carrie Hampton, an Ohio-based blogger, has the Pinterest account of a creative—and it's obvious through her boards such as "Dreamy Houses" or "Pretty Ladies." Her fashion boards are separated by casual wear, formal wear, and party dresses—perfect if you're looking for inspiration for an event or a casual day out.

Photo: Carrie Hampton/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | eat/sleep/wear

Pinterest: eat/sleep/wear

Why You Should Follow: A graphic designer, fashion blogger, and cupcake enthusiast, Kimberly of Eat/Sleep/Wear's Pinterest account is one youmustcheck out. After all, it is essentially a mood board of her favorite outfits, graphic design work, and even some of her own outfits.

Photo: eat/sleep/wear/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Dawn Guarriello
Dawn Guarriello

Pinterest: Dawn Guarriello

Why You Should Follow: If you're looking for an entire Pinterest account filled with all things fashion, this is the one. From style boards to fashion art boards, head-to-toe trends are housed on this account to our delight.

Photo: Dawn Guarriello/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Julia Engel
Julia Engel

Pinterest: Julia Engel

Why You Should Follow: Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam's Pinterest account perfectly mirrors her amazing blog. On her Pinterest page, you'll find jewelry style inspiration, outfit ideas for every season, home decor ideas, and so much more.


Photo: Julia Engel/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Lauren Zwanziger
Lauren Zwanziger
Photo: Lauren Zwanziger/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Mrs. French
Mrs. French

Pinterest: Mrs. French

Why You Should Follow: Whether you're looking for some outfits to copy or items youmust purchase, you can catch it all on this account. From "lovely things to wear" to "bags i think i need," we truly relate to this Pinner and want to buy everything she's a fan of—and you will, too.

Photo: Mrs. French/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Kate Arends
Kate Arends

Pinterest: Kate Arends/Wit & Delight

Why You Should Follow: Aside from everything fashionable, you'll find cool recipes, crafts, and holiday bucket lists on the Minneapolis-based Pinterest account of Kate Arends of Wit & Delight.

Photo: Kate Arends/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Studded Hearts
Studded Hearts

Pinterest: Yenny Seo/Studded Hearts

Why You Should Follow: It seems that Yenny Seo's Studded Hearts Pinterest account is truly the place to hit up for style inspo. You can get an inside look at this Pinner's wishlist, her favorite editorials, and even some cool tattoo inspiration.

Photo: Studded Hearts/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Lauren Merrill
Lauren Merrill


Why You Should Follow: Lauren Merrill, behind , is adding a bohemian vibe to Pinterest, and we love her for it. You'll find everything that a free spirit could need and want on this page.

Photo: Lauren Merrill/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Honestly WTF

Pinterest: HonestlyWTF

Why You Should Follow: Curated by Erica Chan Coffman, this is the Pinterest account of the blog Honestly WTF. It seems that any cool, fashionable DIY project is pinned on this account, making it one to revisitfrequently.

Photo: HonestlyWTF/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Lauren Santo Domingo
Lauren Santo Domingo

Pinterest: Lauren Santo Domingo

Why You Should Follow: Lauren Santo Domingo, founder of Moda Operandi, is the creative behind this genius account. Lauren's pins are all about envisioning a glamorous life with vintage fashion inspiration, holiday ideas, and some seriously fashionable product recommendations to boot.

Photo: Lauren Santo Domingo/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | F I G + S A L T
F I G + S A L T

Pinterest: F I G + S A L T

Why You Should Follow: Just flipping through these boards, you'll find more fashion, bridal, hair and graphic design inspiration than you'll ever need from Australia-based creator Cassandra Morris.

Photo: F I G + S A L T/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Coveteur

Pinterest: The Coveteur

Why You Should Follow: Coveteur gives us an insider look at some of the most beautiful and extravagant closets in the world on their siteandon their Pinterest page. You'll also get to see some of the amazing items the editor's behind the site are currently coveting (reason enough to check daily).

Photo: Coveteur/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Katie Armour
Katie Armour

Pinterest: Katie Armour Taylor

Why You Should Follow: Katie Armour Taylor separates her fashionable pins into easy-to-navigate categories so you can quickly find shoes, handbags, apparel, and jewelry to drool over.

Photo: Katie Armour
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Rachel Phipps
Rachel Phipps
Photo: Rachel Phipps/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Hayley Bloomingdale
Hayley Bloomingdale

Pinterest: Hayley Bloomingdale

Why You Should Follow: Hayley Bloomingdale pins the latest in fashion—red carpet, stripes for summer, and cooler-than-cool street style. On top of fashion, she'll show you some of her favorite party decor, food, and iconic celebs throughout time on her Pinterest account. Talk about a good eye; Hayley just has it.

Photo: Hayley Bloomingdale/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Flora Wiström
Flora Wiström

Pinterest: Flora Wiström

Why You Should Follow: This Swedish blogger loves the beautiful things in life—like book covers, typography, inspiring people, and beautiful bohemian things. She covers fashion on her Pinterest boards from the '60s and '70s, along with what's hot and trendy today.

Photo: Flora Wiström/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Megan Gilger
Megan Gilger
Photo: Megan Gilger/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Who What Wear
Who What Wear

Pinterest: Who What Wear

Why You Should Follow: Straight from Los Angeles hails Who What Wear, and they're Pinterest account provides a serious source of inspiration. With over 548,000 followers, these boards will provide you with everything chic right now in fashion, from celebrity looks to under-0 products great for summer.

Photo: Who What Wear/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Loeffler Randall
Loeffler Randall
Photo: Loeffler Randall/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | This Is Glamorous
This Is Glamorous

Pinterest: This Is Glamorous

Why You Should Follow: Love all things feminine and glam? If you answered "yes," this is your dream Pinterest account. Inspiring over 261,000 followers with sequins, shoes, and summertime style inspo, what more can you ask for from a Pinterest account? Their site is beautiful, too.

Photo: This Is Glamorous/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Her New Tribe
Her New Tribe

Pinterest: Her New Tribe

Why You Should Follow: From the creative mind of Stephanie Duncan, jewelry blogger and curator at Her New Tribe (formerly called Then Let It Be), comes this Pinterest account filled with the runway, editorial, and accessories style that any fashionista will appreciate.

Photo: Her New Tribe/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Cara Jourdan
Cara Jourdan
Photo: Cara Jourdan
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Raqusa Bella
Raqusa Bella

Pinterest: Raqusa Bella

Why You Should Follow: The ultimate Pinterest board for travel enthusiasts, this account includes boards for traveling, home decor, and more. Raqusa will have you practically running to the stores to purchase the items she posts.

Photo: Raqusa Bella/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | SimplyCyn

Pinterest: SimplyCyn

Why You Should Follow: NYC-based fashion blogger Cynthia of SimplyCyn is a literal walking rainbow, she loves clothes bursting with colorthatmuch. And we love her for it. To top it all off, will make you want to follow herimmediately: "Diversity might be even more important in fashion due to the power, influence, and reach the industry has. I think fashion is best when it is a true reflection of our society, the diversity in race, size, color, gender expression etc." Yes, girl. Yes.

Photo: SimplyCyn/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Elyse Roth
Elyse Roth
Photo: Elyse Roth/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Dash of Darling
Dash of Darling

Pinterest: Dash of Darling

Why You Should Follow: Even if you don't follow Caitlin's blog, Dash of Darling, you'll totally become a follower after seeing the pins on her account. We love the specifics of her boards, such as "BLACK + WHITE" (home to some perfect minimalist outfits) and "DESERT BLOOMS" (so many pretty succulents!).

Photo: Dash of Darling/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Aimee Song
Aimee Song
Photo: Aimee Song/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Ashlee Sara Jones
Ashlee Sara Jones
Photo: Ashlee Sara Jones/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar

Pinterest: Harper's Bazaar

Why You Should Follow: WithHarper's Bazaarbeing one of the world's most renowned fashion magazines, you'd expect their Pinterest account to be just as fantastic. And guess what? It won't disappoint. You'll be re-pinning practically everything, we promise.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Sarah Mikaela
Sarah Mikaela

Pinterest: Sarah Mikaela

Why You Should Follow: If you're a follower of Sarah's fashion blog, Framboise Fashion, you'll love her Pinterest account 10-times more. You'll see everything from all of Sarah's looks all in one place to where she finds inspiration for all of her blog posts.

Photo: Sarah Mikaela/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Kenzie B. Ainge
Kenzie B. Ainge

Pinterest: Kenzie B. Ainge

Why You Should Follow: Kenzie B. Ainge, an aspiring wedding planner and floral designer, is a top-notch creative, to say the least; and it shows on her Pinterest boards. If you're looking for some bright, sweet ideas to re-pin, then look no further than Kenzie's Pinterest.

Photo: Kenzie B. Ainge/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Kult

Pinterest: Kult

Why You Should Follow: You know when a Pinterest account has artsy board titles, the pins will most likely be just as creative—and that rings true for this Pinterest account. With over 105,000 followers, Kult shows off beautiful photos of fashion influencers like Alexa Chungand theOlsen twinsand some real-girl inspiration as well.

Photo: Kult/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | The Blab
The Blab

Pinterest: The Blab

Why You Should Follow: This Paris-based blogger displays her love for simple, French style perfectly on Pinterest.


Photo: The Blab/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Anne Louise Likes
Anne Louise Likes

Pinterest: Anne Louise Likes

Why You Should Follow: Anne Lousie, a Melbourne-based blogger, has a serious eye for the latest trends making her Pinterest a must-follow. Her account is filled with hours of inspiration, from the little things on her "objects" board to what we all need a little more of in our lives—"clothes etc."

Photo: Anne Louise Likes/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Lily

Pinterest: Lily

Why You Should Follow: This minimalistic and simple Pinterest account is next-level. Filled with style, architecture, and food, this may just be your new favorite Pinterest account.

Photo: Lily/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Erin Loechner
Erin Loechner
Photo: Erin Loechner/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | popcosmo

Pinterest: popcosmo

Why You Should Follow: One of the most visually pleasing Pinterest accounts out there today is that of popcosmo, "the lifestyle blog for everyone and their mother." Everything beautiful, from style and accessories to design and home, is on this account; and you'll find yourself browsing it until your fingers can't move anymore.

Photo: popcosmo/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Caitlin Flemming
Caitlin Flemming

Pinterest: Caitlin Flemming

Why You Should Follow: Caitlin Flemming is the voice behind the lifestyle blog Sacramento Street, and her Pinterest account showcases her cool California style perfectly. From fresh home decor inspiration to fashionable work wear, it's all here—and then some.

Photo: Caitlin Flemming
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Elise Joseph
Elise Joseph

Pinterest: Elise Joseph

Why You Should Follow: Style, good reads, and gentlemen are three beautiful things that you can find tons of on the Pinterest account of Elise Joseph, the voice of fashion and lifestyle blog of the same name. After checking out all of the fashion on Elise's account, you'll instantly find yourself dressing better because of her tips, inspiration, and wish lists.

Photo: Elise Joseph/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Made By Girl
Made By Girl

Pinterest: Made By Girl

Why You Should Follow: Whether or not you've ever seen Jen Ramos' blog, Made by Girl, we guarantee you've re-pinned something with some of her artwork in it. Whether it be her revered gallery wall Pinterest photos or someone's Instagram photo featuring her Cocoa & Hearts prints, you'll definitely hit "follow" once you check out this account.

Photo: Made By Girl/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Le(v)a & Bo
Le(v)a & Bo

Pinterest: Le(v)a & Bo

Why You Should Follow: You'll get a lesson on international fashion from this Switzerland-based Pinterest account of Lea Bo, blogger behind She Danced All Night. Every pin is simplistic and totally modern. Needless to say, we are obsessed.

Photo: Le(v)a & Bo/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | GADABOUT

Pinterest: GADABOUT

Why You Should Follow: Based in South Carolina, Hanna Seabrook, voice behind Gadabout Creative, has a Pinterest account you won't be able to pry your eyes from. Once you hit her "DESIGN + STYLING," "BAUBLES," and "STYLE" boards, we bet you'll instantly follow her account.

Photo: GADABOUT/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | StyleCaster

Pinterest: StyleCaster

Why You Should Follow: Not to toot our own horn or anything, but our Pinterest account is kind of, well,the bomb. Because we cater to the modern woman who wants to lead a more stylish life, you'll find nothing but great fashion images, tips and advice on our Pinterest account.

Photo: StyleCaster/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Moda Operandi
Moda Operandi

Pinterest: Moda Operandi

Why You Should Follow: Moda Operandi, the site that lets you pre-order looks straight from the runway, is clearly ahead of its time in the fashion world, and that rings true on the company's Pinterest account as well. Here, you'll see everything up-and-coming in fashion and products for sale on their online boutique to their seasonal reviews of the shows.

Photo: Moda Operandi/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | THE HAUTE PURSUIT


Why You Should Follow: The Haute Pursuit's Pinterest account practically screams fashion on all of its boards. Whether you're a lover of leather, obsessed with hardware, or can't stop looking at stylish editorials, this is totally an account to follow.

Photo: THE HAUTE PURSUIT/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | Amy Creyer
Amy Creyer

Pinterest: Amy Creyer

Why You Should Follow: If you've ever checked out Amy's blog, Chicago Street Style, you'd probably guess her Pinterest is on-point. This account will give you a real-world view on the fashion world, providing you with great street style inspiration, products you need in your closet, and even some home decor inspiration to spruce up your pad. So, yes, it lives up to the hype.

Photo: Amy Creyer/Pinterest
STYLECASTER | Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts | The Glamourai
The Glamourai

Pinterest: The Glamourai

Why You Should Follow: We've been obsessed with Kelly Framel's chic sensibility for years, and it is even more apparent on her Pinterest account where she shows off everything from how to layer bracelets to her interior design inspiration.

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51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo
51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo images

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2019 year - 51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo pictures

51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo recommendations
51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo recommend photo

51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo images
51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo foto

51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo 51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo new images
51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo new photo

pics 51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo
pics 51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo

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Watch 51 Fashion-Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Major StyleInspo video

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