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Burlesque, Musical and Visual Delight New

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Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 24, 2010     Favorites0

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Review Info

It’s a Christina Aguilera concert with Cher as the guest performer, that’s the only way I can describe Burlesque an amazing musical drama that knocked me off my feet.  Much like Chicago, Moulin Rouge and Cabaret the storyline is not why you go to see the film, it’s singing performance after singing performance from the amazing talent that graces the screen.  Burlesque is a breath of fresh air in a season of action, adventure and...


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127 Hours, Gusty and Gripping New Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 24, 2010     Favorites0

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Gutsy and gripping true story 127 Hours takes the spunk out of boulder climbing.   It’s a ‘what would you do?’ film that shows how one man took radical measures to save his own life.  The film is well acted by James Franco and directed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle.


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The Last Airbender, gets a very good on DVD NewHot Reviews » DVD
Written by      November 22, 2010     Favorites0

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The DVD/Blu-ray for The Last Airbender is in stores and it makes a great gift for the holiday season.  I have to admit that being able to slowdown the action, put subtitles up in order to catch every word and rewind to the karate action does a lot more for the storyline than on the big screen. Combined with the special bonus features and the ability to play the film anytime you want, this DVD/Blu-ray...


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt.1, a Good Effort Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 18, 2010     Favorites1

Review Info

Going over in my mind the adventures of Harry Potter who gets thrust into wizardry in a strange school never knowing what the future will bring, I found the first six films increasingly enjoyable. During each year at the academy of dark arts, Harry and his friends fight their way out of perilous situations. With this final book the boy wonder is now an adult and is still trying to figure out his destiny, but...


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Cool It, Refreshing Insite on Global Warming Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 18, 2010     Favorites0

Review Info

Not all documentaries get an opposing view from another doc, but Cool It delivers a message that opens the floodgates for criticism of informational films that are not quite what they seem. The subject of the movie is global warming and it’s a rebuttal to Al Gore’s seriously frightening An Inconvenient Truth.  I like this film very much because it doesn’t use scare tactics, give unsupported facts, omit reasonable solutions or misconstrue data.  If you...


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ATA Live Online Event November 16th Quickies » Movies
Written by      November 15, 2010     Favorites0

Kicking-Off The Last Airbender On DVD November 16th American Taekwondo Association students nationwide are teaming up for an exclusive live online event with the film’s star and ATA’s own Noah Ringer.


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Unstoppable, Runaway Thrills Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 11, 2010     Favorites0

Review Info

Incredible as it may seem Unstoppable takes a ‘what if?’ premise and turns it into an event. Inspired by a true occurrence, director Tony Scott sculpts a high energy thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat from it’s suspense filled beginning to the cringing end of the line.  If you are familiar with Tony Scott’s work then you know his brand of explosive storytelling aimed at thrill seekers and Unstoppable tops his...


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Morning Glory, Smart and Charming Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 09, 2010     Favorites0

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If Rachel McAdams ever needed uplift in her career, Morning Glory does the trick.  The very funny well-acted script puts McAdams in the thick of things and she shines.  The chemistry among the star-studded cast keeps the laughs coming all the way to its touching ending.  It may be a bit predictable, but most comedies are these days.


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For Colored Girls, a Powerful Homage for Women

For Colored Girls, a Powerful Homage for Women

Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 05, 2010     Favorites0

Review Info

The disturbing and provocative film For Colored Girls hits the screen from its long run in legitimate theatres. With a cast of African American superstars, superb writing/direction the movie provides a canvas of characters that are touching, gut-wrenching, crass, emotional, protective, desperate, weak and abused due to the situations in which they find themselves. I liked this film very much and recommend it highly for mature adults.


Editor rating

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Due Date, a Comical Road Trip Reviews » Movies
Written by      November 05, 2010     Favorites0

Review Info

Both Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galifianakis are equally funny in Due Date, a road trip film that has decent timing and nice character chemistry. The film tends to get sidetracked at one point, but otherwise it moves along at a fine clip. Although I found the film very reminiscent of a film with Steve Martin and John Candy romping across country to Chicago, today’s audiences my not of had a chance to see that...

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