Best Time to Travel to Russia I Winter Edition

How to Experience Russia in Winter

Russia is a place of harsh, cold winters but there are many Russian winter adventures which will leave you thrilled and inspired!. Experience the beauty of the Aurora Borealis or try something of the real Russia, ice rafting or ice golf. This how to guide will give you 10 "must do" activities in a Russian winter.


  1. Take a sleigh ride in a reindeer-driven sleigh.Take a journey with the treasured Yakutia reindeer and go dashing through the snow on a whimsical winter sleigh ride. Rugged up in the warmest winter clothing, you’ll explore a wondrous world of glistening snow and alpine forests to the soft sound of reindeer footfall and the rhythmic jingling of their bells – an absolutely magical experience for young and old.
  2. Watch the Aurora Borealis.Be there are this mystical event lights the clear night skies over Siberia. This spectacular natural phenomena is formed when charged particles in the upper atmosphere collide with molecules of oxygen and nitrogen, releasing energy in the form of visible light. The main observation season for Aurora Borealis is between September and May but it is the brightest between September and March.
  3. Plan a hovercraft ride, which, for many people is a thrill-of-a-lifetime.Take a futuristic, James Bond style adventure on a high speed hovercraft ride. Start with a leisurely cruise around Lake Baikal then kick things up a notch as you fly over the surface at up to 70kmph. In winter, the hovercraft is the only way to visit the remote, frozen shores of Baikal.
  4. Take classes in Siberian Husky sled-dog sledding.If you’ve ever wanted to experience the ancient art of husky dog sledding, what better place to do it than the native land of the Siberian husky? You will be coached by an experienced trainer so you can go coasting through the snowy forests and past the frozen lakes. You are likely to make some beautiful and intelligent friends along the way.
  5. Take an ice-rafting adventure.An icy cool cruise, an adventure only possible on the border of Lake Baikal and the Angara River. Drift through crystal clear waters in the heart of Siberia on a raft made of pure ice. Ice Rafting is an adventurous but extremely safe experience. You will be accompanied by a boat from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations to ensure your safety at all times.
  6. Cross-Country Ski with those around you.Enjoy some of the best cross country trails and soak in the spectacular scenery. Take off for just a couple of hours or plan a multi-day trip, stopping to rest in secluded hunters’ huts and skiers’ chalets. There are trails to suit all levels of experience and beginners can enlist the guidance of a helpful instructor.
  7. Ice Golf:A truly Russian experience to be had nowhere else in the world. Lake Baikal, frozen over in winter, transforms into one of the most spectacular ice golf courses on the planet, complete with ice ridges, bumps, cracks, snowdrifts and breathtaking views – the only thing the Irkutsk region’s ice golf federation have to do is add the holes. Lake Baikal can be used as a driving range or as a challenging tournament course.
  8. Learn the techniques in ice skating.: Experience this winter sport with a uniquely Russian flair. Experience the grace and speed of this elegant sport in an extraordinarily beautiful natural environment.
  9. Cuddle up in-front of a toast fire in the cold winter months in a beautiful log cabin.They are an idyllic getaway with a splendid sense of isolation – a sublime retreat that can be as luxurious or as liberating as you like.Whether you’re after a romantic sojourn or a base for adventure, a log cabin is the perfect way to wind down, or warm up for your Siberian escapades!
  10. Dive underneath the ice of Lake Baikal.1,642m at its deepest point, Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake in the world, and one of the clearest. Experienced divers can take the plunge beneath Lake Baikal’s frozen surface between the western shore of the lake and Olkhon Island, known to locals as Maloye More, or “The Little Sea”.

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  • There are few tour operators that will give you the freedom to do all these activities whilst in Russia, we recommend 56th Parallel here
  • You must check all requirements before embarking on particular activities, check fitness level and qualifications prior to departure.

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