How to make a pot holder in minutes

Make a Pretty Pot in Minutes

tori spelling
David Tsay
Tips from Tori

You see decorative pots like the ones on this page marked up sky-high at the store. What a rip-off when you can easily make them yourself. My fabric-covered bookends took only 10 minutes from start to finish. And that duo on the patio? I used puffy paint. I love vintage, so I made dots for a hobnail effect, but if your decor is modern, go for a lattice or chevron. Once you're done, you can use them for more than plants. Keep one on your desk for pens, or in the bathroom to store cotton balls.

Want more Tori? The reality star is also the author of the party-planning bookCelebraTORI.

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puffy painted pot
David Tsay
Puff-paint your masterpiece

1.Create whatever design suits your style with white puffy paint, which you can find at any craft store (not the kind you use for fabric, though). To get your dots just so, press into the center right before you pull outward. I did this freehand, but you can make a guideline with pencil and measuring tape.

2.Once the puffy paint dries, cover the entire pot with glossy white spray paint. You'll need a few coats, so make sure each is dry before adding the next.

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cover a pot with fabric
David Tsay
Cover one with fabric

1.Use a foam brush to coat the outside with Mod Podge.

2.Wrap an oversize piece of fabric over the glue. Smooth it down as you go to make sure there are no lumps.

3.Pull the fabric tightly around the pot and cut the excess at the seam in back and off the bottom. Extra on top? Spread some Mod Podge on the inside and just tuck it in.

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diy mosaic pot
David Tsay
Make a mosaic pot

"These mosaic pots may involve a few extra supplies, but don't be intimidated by that—they're unbelieveably easy. My kids even helped make them. They loved smashing the mismatched plates I bought at Goodwill!"

1.Spray your pots with white primer. While they're drying, put your colorful plates into a plastic bag and hammer them into pieces.

2.Use ceramic glue to affix your pieces to the pots however you'd like and let the glue dry. (You can buy ceramic glue at the craft store for about .)

3.Spread white mosaic grout all over your pots with your hands, filling in the spaces between the pieces of broken plate. Depending on what grout you use, the drying time will be different. I let my grout sit overnight.

4.Once your grout is dry, wipe the excess off the plate pieces with a wet sponge.

5.Optional: Spray on a gloss lacquer (it costs about .50 at the hardware store) for a shiny finish.

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wrap pot with twine
David Tsay
Wrap your pot with twine

"Pots for bigger plants can be really pricey, so I was excited to elevate this cheap terracotta pot with worth of thick twine. It just screams spring to me, and brings an outdoorsy vibe into my living room. Overall, this project took me about an hour, but it's totally worth it and you can do it while watching TV—I did!"

1.Wrap the pot: Starting under the lip, wind your twine around the entire body, keeping it tight and securing it with a glue gun as you work your way down. Once you're at the bottom, glue the end of your twine down so that it doesn't fray.

2.Braid the lip of the pot: Measure the top lip of your pot by wrapping a piece of twine around it. Add an extra 3 inches of length and then cut it. Cut five additional pieces of twine the same length.

3.Use the weight of your pot to hold down these six pieces as you braid, using two pieces for each strand of the braid.

4.Glue your braid to the lip, cut off the extra ends, and glue the ends so the braid won't unravel. Repeat this process as many times as needed until the entire lip is covered.

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