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Nail maintenance can be such pain. It’s one of those little things, that makes such a difference in our appearance, but also far too time consuming for those of us with a hectic schedule.  Here are a few tips for keeping your nails pretty, but also healthy. Click to shop the products and make sure you have them with you when you go for your next mani/pedi. Remember, it’s wise to always take your own polishes with you to the nail salon to prevent spread of germs and potential nail fungus.

Conditioning The NailsLike our bodies, and hair, our nails need conditioner also. Especially with all of the damage we deal them with acetone, and for some of us gels, and acrylics. If you are planning on putting a fresh coat of paint for the next day, don’t wait until just before to remove the old polish. A good habit I have gotten into when I plan to change my polish is the night before I remove the old, wash, and then rub a bit of olive oil on my nails and leave it on overnight. This is super hydrating for your nails, and is a great remedy for brittle and peeling nails. After doing this just twice I noticed that my polish lasted longer due to less peeling.

TreatmentA lot of you probably use a base coat before your color, and salons always do. Why not use a base coat that has a strengthening treatment in it? This miracle treatment from Sally Hansen is guaranteed to give you 50% stronger nails in just 3 days. It infuses your nails with proteins and fills in cracks to stop peeling. I have been using it for a couple of months now and my nail health has significantly improved.

Get This Miracle Nail Treatment For .78 Here.

PolishThere are endless polish options out there, and I am sure we all have a collection of it. I recently discovered a new holy grail though. Essie’s treat, love, and color nail polish may replace every polish that I own.  It  also strengthens your nails with collagen and camellia extract. I was surprised at how long it lasted, and it really did make a difference in the appearance of my natural nails. There are 26 colors to choose from, but my favorite may be this “Sheers to you” color. It’s that perfect & natural looking sheer pink tint that you have spent your life looking for.

Get This Polish For .99 Here.

Top It OffNo-one has time to watch paint dry. No-one. Nor do we have the time or patience to re-paint the nails that we messed up due to our failed attempt of waiting of them to dry. Seche Vite is to the rescue. Top off your polish with this quick dry top coat and you are literally cutting your drying time into a fraction of what it would be otherwise


Get This Fast Drying Top Coat For .19 Here.

Written by Holley Wolfe
I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago for music but ended up in fashion. That's just how things fall into place, sometimes! I had always been in front of the camera, but I felt like I would be better utilized behind it, so that's how my love for fashion started. I started styling celebrities for events, then editorials for magazines, and eventually, major AD campaigns. My primary focus now is being the brand ambassador for Fashionisers, sharing my knowledge with the world to help each person be the best, fashion-forward self they can be.

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